Mid-week Quickie - 6 Shot, 7mm Alternating Candle

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Date: 2006-06-07


Having been busy with work, another project and recently unwell I needed to smell the smoke, so this candle was constructed. Very similar to the previous one, except being somewhat longer and containing 6 shots of alternating Winokur 20 and AY Chlorate Red.

I used 6:1:1 again for the delay, rather than the candle fuse batch I had made especially for the project. No particular reason, next time I will try the candle fuse comp in this application.

The lift increments were tiny. I made some small powder scoups for measuring the powder


Worked well.

Good timings, fairly good lifts for the tiny amounts of BP used. I'm not as good of a video operator as my girlfriend, but I captured the stars on this candle.

The hot 6:1:1 did roast the tube a bit more this time, actually turning the first inch to glowing coals by the last shot. This is probably because of its longer burn-time, just more heat and oxygen available to burn the tube up.


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