Colour - AY Chlorate Red


Name: AY Chlorate Red
Source: Alan Yates


percent parts component
63.16% 12 Potassium Chlorate
21.05% 4 Strontium Carbonate
10.53% 2 Red Gum
5.26% 1 Dextrin

Required Mass


Screen together well, bind with 6-8% water and pump.

May be primed with Sulfurless meal.


Relatively slow, good colour saturation and brightness.

May also be used in pillboxes, lances, portfires, flares, delay sections of devices (watch out for compatibility), rolled or of course cut if enough water is added to make it workable into a loaf.

Chlorate based, so the usual cautions are required. Some will choose to prime with BP instead of a sulfurless composition like H3 or Sulfurless BP. Sulfurless BP is a good choice because it is compatible and forms a layer that physically isolates the star from contact with other compositions yet itself is fairly safe (with all but Ammonium Perchlorate based compositions) while being easy to light (unlike a Perchlorate based universal prime). If cut priming may not be required.