Glitter - Winokur 20


Name: Winokur 20
Source: Robert Winokur


percent component
48.00% Potassium Nitrate
17.00% Sulfur
12.00% Magnalium (-200 mesh)
10.00% Charcoal (airfloat)
5.00% Sodium Bicarbonate
4.00% Iron Oxide (red)
4.00% Dextrin

Required Mass


Screen together pre-milled components, or ball mill all but Magnalium then screen it in before dampening. Dampen with 6-8% water and pump.


Very nice gold glitter.

Excellent delay, bright gold flashes. Fairly slow burning, meal priming is highly recommended to engulf the stars properly.

Magnalium is typically a mixture of -60+325 mesh sizes rather than purely -200 mesh, but with the majority of the material -100 mesh. Coarse fractions of Magnalium makes the composition crackle a bit as it burns, which in the air and from a distance makes the glitter make a "rushing" sound as it burns adding to the overall effect.