Winokur 20 Experiments - 6.4 mm Rocket Delay Test

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Date: 2006-05-08


A simple 1/4" bottle rocket; made on Rich Wolter "short" tooling using normal contaminated BP propellant, charged into a pyrotube casing. Once charged above the core, Winokur 20 was rammed instead of BP to make a delay before the MgAl Flash report that filled the remaining space in the tube.

The top was sealed with paper wadding and hot-melt glue. The normal techniques were used for all other details of the device; bamboo kebab stick hot-melted to the case, wax treated clay nozzle, blackmatch fusing.


Kinda poor.

Winokur 20 doesn't appear really suited to delays in such a small rocket. It did produce a sparse glittering effect but D1 Glitter has proved many times in the past that it works much better in 1/4" motors.

I think Winokur 20 would probably be fine in larger rockets.


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