Report - Magnalium Flash


Name: Magnalium Flash


percent parts component
70.00% 7 Potassium Perchlorate
30.00% 3 Magnalium (granular, -200 mesh, 50:50 alloy)

Required Mass


Pre-screen oxidiser and metal separately, then diaper together on a large sheet of paper. Do not make large batches, its critical mass is quite small.


Frightfully sensitive and brisant.

I prepare the Magnalium by ball milling -20 mesh granular material with commercial triangular Aluminia deburring media. It takes about 3 days for produce a dark grey powder that feels only ever so slightly gritty between the finger nails.

About 200 mg of this composition will produce a loud pop when ignited on a tile with blackmatch. It is ideal for reports in bottle rockets and in breaking small crossettes.