Remote Test Site Shoot #2 - 30mm Mines

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Date: 2004-03-19


These were made mainly as a test for my new batch of Benzolift. I wasn't sure how much would be needed, about 10-15 g of Pulverone was about right in the past, so I made three using 5, 10, and 15 g.

The 5 g of lift unit had 15 g of D1 Glitter stars, the 10 g had 5 g of KP blue and 7 (about 10 g worth) 5 mm ID insert whistles, and the 15 g one had 15 g of KP Blue stars alone.

They were all made the same internally, a tied-off kraft bag, benzolift in the bottom, a ball of paper-towel wadding, the stars/inserts on top, then a length of quickmatch poked into the stars and the top tied off around the match.


5 g is about right!

In fact 3-4 g should do the trick. The rest were so over the top I am suprised the mortar survived the punishment, the 15 g one sounded like a 3" mine (in fact its plastic foot was cracked by the recoil, but it still servicable).

I suspect the 10 g unit's inserts detonated inside rather than being blown blind. Its report was enormous, louder than the 15 g one. Its stars were all blown blind. The purple thing on the video is pieces of the quickmatch, I used KP Purple colour composition fuse to make the match.

The 15 g mine managed to ignite one blue star which was sent to enormous heights, as was the mine bag and pieces of match piping which continued to rain down for a significant time.


title type size
5 g Test video/x-msvideo 1.346 Mbytes
10 g Test video/x-msvideo 623.536 kbytes
15 g Test video/x-msvideo 882.832 kbytes
5 g Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 59.783 kbytes
10 g Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 82.555 kbytes
15 g Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 69.759 kbytes