Propellant - Benzolift


Name: Benzolift


percent parts component
48.28% 14 Potassium Perchlorate
20.69% 6 Sodium Benzoate
27.59% 8 Meal
3.45% 1 Dextrin

Required Mass


Screen together Sodium Benzoate and Dextrin and add about 5 parts boiling water, mix into a paste. Add screened Potassium Perchlorate and mix, this should result in a quite thick paste.

Add Meal in several additions while mixing briskly to form a crumbly dough that just holds together when kneaded. The meal need not be milled well, in fact Greenmix can be used with little change in performance.

Force this dough through a screen several times to ensure homogeneity and then knead into a ball and force through a coarse screen onto a sheet of paper to granulate it, as for making pulverone.


Benzolift is just Whistle Burst cut with Meal to control its burn rate and help prevent DDT in large quantities. The Dextrin is purely a binder to assist the granulation, you can use Gum Arabic solution or your favourite binder.

It is highly recommended that you mix it as a paste as directed here. The Whistle Burst part of the composition is quite sensitive and powerful. You can add the Meal before the Potassium Perchlorate if you wish.

The screen size determines the largest particle size in the resulting composition. The moisture content has to be just right, too moist and it will stick back together while drying, too dry and it will break up into dust.

I often use 6:1:1 Meal that has been milled just long enough to make it homogenous. Therefore is possible to prepare benzolift by just screening and granulating this composition:

14 Potassium Perchlorate 6 Potassium Nitrate 6 Sodium Benzoate 1 Sulfur 1 Charcoal (airfloat) 1 Dextrin

Adding the Potassium Perchlorate last is suggested for the best safety.

The finer the Potassium Perchlorate and Sodium Benzoate the more powerful the composition will be. Ball milling them before mixing is highly recommended. Unfortunately the Sodium Benzoate is quite waxy and hard to mill, it is best purchased as -325 mesh or better powder if possible.

Potassium Benzoate is a good replacement if moisture proves to be a problem with the Sodium version.

The developer of Benzolift is unknown to me (those that keep asking - no it wasn't me). I'd love to credit the original author here, if you know drop me an email.