Black Powder - Pulverone


Name: Pulverone


percent component
95.00% Meal
5.00% Dextrin

Required Mass


The dextrin is generally added during ball milling to save screening it in later. The composition is moistened with a 25% solution of alcohol, kneaded, and then forced through a screen to granulate it.

The largest particle size depends on the screen used for the granulation, and to some degree the moisture content which can make it clump after granulation. An 8 or 10 mesh screen is common, sizes below 20 mesh being fairly useless except for preparing fines (for example; cracker charges, filler, priming salt, etc)

Once dry it is often sieved into different particle size fractions for different purposes.


Also called polverone or rough powder. It is sometimes made from Greenmix rather than meal when used merely as a filler rather than a burst or propellant.