Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - 30 mm Mines

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Date: 2004-02-20


I threw these 30 mm mines together with whatever stars I had available. Only the KP/Zinc stars were primed, but it was hoped matching them directly would avoid problems.

Each mine bag was constructed from several turns of kraft around a 1" former, held using a wrap of masking tape. The bottom of each was tied off with a clove hitch and 10 g of mixed mesh pulverone was tipped in as lift. Next a wad of paper towel was stuffed in as a sabot, and 10 g of stars placed on top (27 g of KN/Zinc stars and 15 g of lift). Finally a length of quickmatch was poked in the the stars and the top of the bag tied off around the match pipe.

As well as the meal primed KP/Zinc stars there was KP Red, KP Blue, and KP Purple. Four mines in total.


Pretty poor.

The lifts where weak and the unprimed stars blew blind, especially for the blue mine, in which only one lit!

The KP/Zinc stars actually did OK in this configuration.

The usual song, I need better lift! The mine bags all blew neatly out the top, some with tears down to the band of tape. The inside of the bags were the lift lay was almost pristine in all cases, virtually no residue at all, I found that curious.


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