Experimental - KP/Zinc Green


Name: KP/Zinc Green
Source: Alan Yates


percent parts component
53.85% 14 Zinc (-100 mesh, granular)
26.92% 7 Potassium Perchlorate
11.54% 3 Sulfur
7.69% 2 Charcoal (airfloat)

Required Mass


Screen together all but the Zinc using a 60 mesh screen. Diaper in the Zinc last.

It is bound with +3-5% dextrin or the aqueous binder of your choice, moistened with a 25% solution of alcohol.

Meal priming is generally required unless cut, but is highly recommended in all cases to minimise jetting.


Burns rather quickly with a light green colour, a short but dense charcoal tail and lots of white smoke. Quite reactive, is somewhat self-propelled especially when lit on a corner.

Makes good pumped stars, but is quite dense, requires a good lift charge but travels far.

The sensitivity has not been extensively investigated, treat as you would fine Al flitter composition or flash cores.