Colour - Red Organic (Bleser KP #1)


Name: Red Organic (Bleser KP #1)
Source: David Bleser


percent component
70.00% Potassium Perchlorate
15.00% Strontium Carbonate
10.00% Red Gum
4.00% Dextrin
1.00% Charcoal (airfloat)

Required Mass


Screen together well using a 60 mesh screen.

Dampen with water and cut.


Virtually identical to Lancaster KP Red #2 in every way.

Experiments have shown simple substitution of the Strontium Carbonate with other metal carbonates for different colours works fairly well:

8 Sodium Bicarbonate: Yellow 10 Calcium Carbonate: Orange 20 Barium Carbonate: Green

The green is pretty poor, as you would expect without a metal fuel. Some chlorine donor helps the purity of these other colours, but once you've fiddled with it that much you may as well start from scratch with a different composition tuned for the colour you want.