Balcony Shoot #35 - Zinc Star Test

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Date: 2003-12-10


A quick stargun shot of a zinc streamer star composition I've been working on. The composition:

14 Zinc (dust)

7 Potassium Perchlorate

3 Sulfur

2 Charcoal (airfloat)

+5% dextrin and bound with 25% alcohol, pumped 8 mm diameter, 8 mm long.

A new stargun was made as well, 9.5 mm ID, 50 mm long. Lift was a 1/4 teaspoon of -20+40 mesh pulverone.


Worked Well.

The camera didn't really record the colour well, it was far more green to the eye. The charcoal effect tail is quite dense and long.


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