Pyrogen - Buffer 2nd-Fire


Name: Buffer 2nd-Fire
Source: Alan Yates


percent parts component
66.67% 14 Potassium Perchlorate
19.05% 4 Red Gum
9.52% 2 Charcoal (airfloat)
4.76% 1 Titanium (-40 mesh, flake)

Required Mass


Screen together pre-milled ingredients.

Bind with NC lacquer for rapid drying and best chemical protection. You may add one part Dextrin (or a half-part of a superior binder) for aqueous binding instead but it is not recommended. Either way, add solvent to achieve a good consistency for dip coating e-matches.


This composition is a "universal prime". It is safe with basically all common pyro chemicals. It is reliable in contact with Ammonium compounds as it contains no Nitrate and safe with Chlorates as it contains no Sulfur compounds, Copper or Ammonia. In particular it seals over my Chlorate based sensitive bridgeless pyrogen making it a much safer and better e-match.

The Titanium is strictly optional, but greatly improves the firing-passing ability. It does sensitise the composition somewhat, especially with finer flake grades, spherical might be slightly safer but the risk is pretty minimal. Other metals may be used, like Aluminium or Magnalium, but Titanium is very inert chemically and is really ideal for the purpose.

It could be used as a 1st-fire bridged e-match pyrogen, but its ignition temperature is fairly high. It is better to use the traditional dark flash 1st-fire and coat this over the top.