Black Powder - 8:3 Sulfurless


Name: 8:3 Sulfurless


percent parts component
72.73% 8 Potassium Nitrate
27.27% 3 Charcoal

Required Mass


Screen together pre-milled components, or mill together to integrate.


Sulfurless and relatively fast burning; 8-10 mm/s. Good for priming Chlorate stars or making blackmatch for pillboxes where you want the up-most safety. Still incompatible with Ammonium Perchlorate compositions, and other Nitrate-sensitive mixtures, like crackle cores.

A little harder to ignite than Sulfur containing black powder variants. If well made its burn-rate is quite similar to conventional BP. The smoke lacks the wonderful scent of BP, but is slightly sweetish and bitter, rather like that of candy propellant. I believe this is because of the large Potassium Oxide/Carbonate production.

It does not press quite as well as conventional BP for corning, but can still be corned effectively after heavy hydraulic pressing, especially if dampened. Can be rough-granulated damp for clean driver ramming, or made into pulverone with a little added dextrin and used as filler, break, prime, lift, etc.