Burst - Whistle


Name: Whistle


percent parts component
70.00% 7 Potassium Perchlorate
30.00% 3 Sodium Benzoate

Required Mass


Screen the Sodium Benzoate onto a sheet of paper then screen the Potassium Perchlorate on top. Mix by diapering.

It may be granulated by moistening with Gum Arabic solution (or the binder of your choice, either as a solution or screened in) and forcing through a screen as for making pulverone.


It is not wise to use this composition directly in whistles or rockets, they will very likely explode. Use Salicylate or Benzoate Whistle instead. It is very sensitive and should never be rammed, only pressed. Moderate quantities can go high-order without any containment.

As a burst it is typically added as a booster for BP or KP coated rice hulls. In smaller shells and crossettes it may be used alone, granulated finely. It can be coated onto hulls just like BP or Flash.

It works quite well as a report composition.

You can screen it if you wish, but I prefer just diapering it for an extra margin of safety. Dampening and forcing through a screen many times mixes it quite well too, the result is soft and crumbly grains that press well (for making small end-burning whistles) or can be left 'dusty' for booster use.

Sodium Salicylate is a more expensive and powerful replacement for the Benzoate, but it is also more sensitive and hygroscopic so it is generally not used for Whistle Burst. The Salicylate version is better saved for use in small insert whistles and bottle rockets.