Rocket Tuning - Propellant Burn-Rate Test

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Date: 2006-04-11


A quick burn-rate test for a new batch of 7:3:1 meal to determine its usability for core-burning rockets. Standard 1/4" x 2" pyrotube burn rate test.


Fairly fast; 7.3 mm/s.

Perhaps too fast for core-burning rockets, all "standard" core-burners over 1/4" I've built before have used propellants with a burn rate below 6 mm/s. CATOs are very likely I'd say, but "old 6:3:1" at 5.4 mm/s has been noted for being quite cool for 2 oz, and fairly cool for 4 oz motors.

RP is a little quicker at 7.5 mm/s, but the geometry of the rockets it was designed for is quite different, a shorter core and a narrow nozzle. Other users of RP have mentioned it is quite suitable for standard 4 oz motors, but I have no burn-rate figures from them to compare. I use quite hot charcoal in my RP, while they may use standard airfloat.

Only a test with a rocket will prove it one way or the other.


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