Black Powder - 6:3:1


Name: 6:3:1


percent parts component
60.00% 6 Potassium Nitrate
30.00% 3 Charcoal (airfloat)
10.00% 1 Sulfur

Required Mass


Chemicals are pre-ground very fine, then screened together well. May be milled into meal which is slower than conventional 15:3:2 black powder meal.


This is a very common rocket propellant composition. Almost all traditional black powder core-burners use a small variation of the 6:3:1 ratios. Adding up to an extra part of Potassium Nitrate is useful for small rockets that are a bit sluggish at take off. Ball milling is generally necessary for 2 oz or smaller rockets for the best performance. Wet granulation is helpful for simplifying loading.

Larger rockets use more coarse charcoal and/or no milling. A good starting point is:

2 oz 3 parts airfloat 4 oz 2.5 parts airfloat, 0.5 parts -60 mesh 8 oz 2 parts airfloat, 1 part -60 mesh 1 lb 1.5 parts airfloat, 1.5 parts -60 mesh 2 lb 1 part airfloat, 2 parts -60 mesh 4 lb 0.5 parts airfloat, 2.5 parts -60 mesh 6 lb 0.5 parts airfloat, 1.5 parts -60 mesh, 1 part -20 mesh

The milled meal works well in cracker fuse, 6:2:1 may be better, especially with moist construction which tends wick out the nitre into the paper.