Static Tests - Bottle Rocket Motor Static Test

Date: 2005-10-24


A quick static test of the AJK Zinc propellant on Rich Wolter's bottle rocket tooling.

Same general configuration as the previous tests.


Basically failed.

The rocket fell off the testing stand. It simply wasn't attached well enough and surges in delivered thrust bounced it off the stand.

The dross blockage that caused the thrust spikes is of some concern, but this is perhaps caused by operating the rocket inverted. It may be possible to operate the testing stand upside down with few engineering challenges, I may try this in the future.

The propellant is specifically for the SBR tool set. I chose to use Rich's tooling in this initial test to assess its possibilities. Rich's tooling has a shorter core, but a narrower nozzle, the overall geometry giving slightly lower performance for the same kind of propellant, but less mass and perhaps counterintuitively more margin of safety between operation and cato. The tubes are also much cheaper for throw-away experiments.

This experiment will need to be repeated and also performed with the SBR tooling.


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