Experimental - AJK Zinc


Name: AJK Zinc
Source: SBR Article Part 3, PGI Bulletin #144, May/June 2005


percent component
53.00% Zinc (dust)
36.00% Potassium Nitrate
11.00% Sulfur

Required Mass


Screen together pre-milled components well. Milling the Sulfur and Potassium Nitrate together works quite well, followed by screening in the Zinc.


This propellant is designed for Steve Majdali's SBR tooling.

The PGI article has much paranoia about the properties of this propellant. In my experience it is less treacherous than conventional micrograin and significantly less powerful than BP. It will not be affected by moisture in a dangerous manner as suggested, in fact it isn't much different safety wise than my Zinc Flash.