Night of Flying Spinners - 9.5 mm Ti Tourbillion

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Date: 2006-01-09


Quite a small traditional 4-nozzle tourbillion. Skylighter 3/8" x 2 3/4" 2 oz rocket tube. Ti Driver composition, wax treated cat litter end plugs.

Paddle pop stick, glued on with hot-melt glue, and redundantly tied on with spiking twine. Blackmatch matching between all four 3 mm nozzles, slurry primed. Masking tape over the match to implement piping so all would light nearly together. Blackmatch fuse.


Worked great.

It was a bit of a hack, construction wise, but it performed quite well for its small size. Nice effect, with final burst.

I think a longer tube would provide longer burn-times and greater altitude, but it would also make it heavier and might require hotter propellant. I just loved the larger 1/2" tourbillion, so I think I'll have to repeat that, and add some garniture.


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Tourbillion Video video/x-msvideo 3.480 Mbytes
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