Remote Test Site Shoot #1 - 12.5 mm Tourbillion

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Date: 2004-02-20


I made this device in November last year but have been too afraid of it to try it, especially after it's half-tourbillion brother exploded.

The 12.5 mm ID tube was wet rolled from manilla folder cardboard pasted with PVA and an over-wrap of kraft to hold the tube solid while drying.

The propellant was straight meal, but not especially fast, just good-enough stuff using pine charcoal. The end plugs where of wax-treated pulverised cat litter.

The device used the traditional 4 nozzle tourbillion design. A piece of quickmatch connected the two spin ports, and matching with lots of priming connected them to the lift ports. The photos don't show the masking tape added later to make the works into piped matching.

The wing/stabilizer was three paddle-pop sticks glued together. There was a small scrap of bamboo arranged as a piviot and the wing was redundantly tied as well as glued on.


Worked perfectly!

Nice throaty sound, perfect flight, good apogee, complete with umbrella of sparks and the final burst at the end.

Now I want to build an even bigger one!


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