More Bottle Rockets - New Propellant Batch Test

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Date: 2005-10-15


As a quick test of a Meal batch produced with intermediate quality pine lumpwood charcoal from Bunnings I prepared a few rockets, including this one with a small salute.

Standard Pyrotube 1/4" x 2" tube, charged on Rich Wolter's tooling. The vacant space above the grain was filled with a little Magnalium Flash and topped off with paper wadding and a drop of hot-melt glue.

Standard bambood kebab stick stabiliser, wax treated cat litter nozzle clay, and a blackmatch fuse.


Worked great.

The pine charcoal makes pretty sparks, but the propellant isn't quite as hot as my usual batch (of which I still have a large quantity to use). Despite this the rocket went very high and terminated with a bright flash and a noticeably delayed, rather loud report.

Unfortunately I did not video this test. It was mainly to determine that this propellant wouldn't cato the motor, and would be safe the lifting payloads. It needs to be milled somewhat longer for best performance I think, the the charcoal shows promise for chrysanthemum stars. Unfortunately despite being pine I think it has been produced at a fairly high temperature and is not very good in senko hanabi.


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