Quickie Test - Glitter Morning Glory

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Date: 2005-07-09


A trivial device, a 1/4" lance about 6" long with a drumhead of pasted kitchen paper then funnel and wire charged with a simple flitter (similar to Oglesby delayless glitter) composition:

6 Potassium Nitrate

2 Sulfur

1 Charcoal

1 Aluminium (atomised, 16u)

The composition was simply screened together and contained quite granular particles of Potassium Nitrate and garden Sulfur. The tube was closed at the handle-end with some paper wadding stuffed tightly against the powder charge.


Calm and simple effect.

Somewhat like a morning glory, less spectacular, but more interesting in many ways. For such a simple composition, with a simple preperation the device worked quite nicely, a perfect belated birthday present for myself.


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