Glitter - Delayless Glitter


Name: Delayless Glitter
Source: Lloyd Scott Oglesby


percent component
60.00% Potassium Nitrate
19.00% Sulfur
11.00% Charcoal
10.00% Aluminium (spherical)

Required Mass


Screen together pre-milled chemicals well.


Essentially a flitter composition but there is a slight delay especially with high-ash charcoals. I include it here because it appears in Oglesby's text on glitters and spans the border between delayless flitters and true delayed glitter compositions.

Makes a poor but usable flitter star if bound, add 3-5 parts Dextrin and use Water as the solvent. Fairly fast burning with a short golden to silver tail and usually some limited glittering. It is a usable and cheap snowball composition.

For close proximity the small delay is quite usable. The composition may be funnel and wire loaded into thin lances and use as a novelty sparkler.

5-7 parts Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, or Sodium Oxalate can be added which will increase the delay and transform the composition into a gold glitter. 5 parts -100 mesh Iron also promotes glittering. Red Iron Oxide on the other hand, if added in fairly large amounts (up to 20 parts), transforms the effect quite remarkably. Experimentation with other additives to the basic composition is often quite fruitful.