Balcony Shoot #51 - Bengal Match

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Date: 2005-05-22


A fun quick device, based on my recent portfire and scratch ignition composition work. 50 mm long, 5 mm ID tube, drumhead of kitchen paper, charged about 3/4 full via funnel and wire with 9 parts slow Meal, 1 part -100 mesh Iron. Primed over the drumhead with scratch ignition composition.


Worked pretty well.

Lit first strike against the matchbox striking surface and burnt for about 5 seconds with a lovely half-metre long plume of non-dividing iron sparks.

Perhaps better called a match fountian, as it was not a colour composition like a traditional bengal match.

It obviously wouldn't be very difficult to extend this device to be a match cracker by using a slightly slower composition, larger tube and including a little report composition at the end. It could also be used as a spoulette fuse for larger salutes or novelty devices like strobe, smoke and crackle pots or even morning glory style tube sparklers.

It is the red device in the pre-test picture. The "fuse cover" tube is a white portfire and the largest tube is a orange portfire both also with scratch ignition priming and an Aluminium foil safety cap.


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