Prime - Scratch Ignition Prime


Name: Scratch Ignition Prime
Source: Alan Yates


percent parts component
63.64% 7 Potassium Chlorate
27.27% 3 Charcoal (airfloat)
9.09% 1 Antimony Trisulfide

Required Mass


Screen together the Potassium Chlorate and Charcoal, then place mixture in a tightly sealable jar suitable for Acetone. Add sufficient syrupy Nitrocellulose lacquer to make a paste, thinning with Acetone as required. Add Antimony Trisulfide to slurry and mix in well.


A scratch ignition prime compatible with match-box striking surface.

Antimony Trisulfide is optional, but makes it a bit more sensitive. It can be left out, perhaps giving a somewhat safer and cheaper mixture at the expense of having to strike harder or a few times to get reliable ignition.

Ensure you cap the primed surface with a safety covering to prevent accidents, say rubbing against sulfur containing blackmatch during transport. A piece of Aluminium foil works well and is easily removed just before device ignition.