Balcony Shoot #48 - 9.5 mm Core-Burning Rocket

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Date: 2004-10-30


A quick propellant tuning test. This core-burner was made using commercial "2 oz rocket" tooling from Wolter's Pyro Tools.

A commercial 9.5 mm ID, 70 mm long tube was used. Rich was kind enough to include a few with the tool set!

The propellant was 6:3:1 Blackpowder screened together well using a 60 mesh screen. The charcoal was commercial airfloat, a fairly high ash, low reactivity charcoal.

A length of blackmatch fuse held in place with meal/NC priming and a bamboo kebab stick were added to complete the device.


Worked OK.

Despite flying quite well I think it needs hotter propellant if it is to carry any significant kind of payload. Perhaps dampening and ricing the propellant would make it more suited to this size rocket. I might also try dropping the charcoal to 2 parts (6:2:1 Blackpowder).

This batch of 6:3:1 should be about right for a 4 oz or 1 lb rocket though. I have a 4 oz version ready to test in the near future. The aim of this tuning work is to develop a stable and expedient payload lifting rocket that uses propellant cheaper and less time consuming to make than my RP based rocket.


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