Balcony Shoot #43 - 9.5mm FeTi Saxon

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Date: 2004-06-19


I used a commercial skylighter 2 oz rocket tube (9.5 mm ID, 70 mm long) and commercial saxon tooling from Wolter Pyro Tools.

The tooling was made up custom or me, as Rich doesn't normally stock 2, 4 and 8 oz versions of the saxon tooling. He made me a very nice pair of 2 oz and 4 oz tooling for a very reasonable price.

The clay was my usual wax-treated cat litter. The tube was charged about 5/8th full with FeTi Driver composition and sealed off again with another increment of clay. A small increment of straight meal was rammed as a first fire to ensure I wouldn't be drilling into Ferrotitanium containing composition. The vent hole was 3 mm.

The device was fused with blackmatch held in place with meal/NC priming paste. A 5 mm hole was drilled through the empty part of the tube to take an axle for rotation. A plastic cork was hot glued to the end of the tube for balance.


Worked great.

Nice even burn, good speed, very visually appealing.

Virtually no nozzle errosion and a reasonable burn time for the size of the device.


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