Propellant - FeTi Driver


Name: FeTi Driver
Source: Kyle Kepley


percent parts component
58.18% 64 Potassium Nitrate
24.55% 27 Charcoal (airfloat)
9.09% 10 FeTi (-20 mesh)
8.18% 9 Sulfur

Required Mass


Ball mill chemicals sans the FeTi to integrate then screen in the FeTi. May be granulated to assist ramming.


This is my variant of Kyle's original "1/2 inch I.D. Vertical Driver" composition which uses 6% -40+325 mesh 60:40 FeTi. You can use other metals, like straight Fe, Ti, Al, or even Zn. MgAl crackles nicely too.

It is debated that the FeTi should be coated like normal Fe. In my experience it isn't important, but may become so at higher Fe/Ti ratios. The safety of screening and ramming this mixture is also debated.