Beach Shoot #23 - 7 Shot Zinc Streamer Candle

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Date: 2004-06-06


It has been a very long time since my last shoot, haven't smelt the smoke for ages. This candle has been laying around for over a month, it was made as part of a batch of three, two of which remain to be shot.

The delay sections were made from poor-quality meal, a contaminated batch. The lifts were a pinch of benzolift and the stars zinc streamers.


Fairly poor.

The lifts were weak, probably could have used twice the lift quite safely, although the bottom shot lifted quite well, probably because the benzolift did not sink into the delay (which is absent in the last shot).

The stars were unusually disappointing. Not very bright at all. From my vantage point they had nice green flitter trails, but the video didn't capture much at all.


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