Remote Test Site Shoot #2 - Assorted Rockets

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Date: 2004-03-19


As it has been a while between shoots I had an enormous collection of rockets to test, including bottle rockets, nozzleless BP and whistle ones of many geometries.

The bottle rockets and nozzleless BP bottle rockets used 6:1:1 Blackpowder as propellant. The whistle rockets were all Benzoate Whistle and there was one RP based payload lifter rocket.

There was also some experimental ones based on moist pressed Pearl Streamer composition, which made pretty fountians but I didn't bother posting the videos of.


Where do I start?

The traditional bottle rocket worked very well. I've finally fixed the flash report problems. The performance was excellent for a 5 mm motor and the report was more than sufficient. I used some cab-o-sil in the 7/3 Flash and pushed the wadding in until it just touched the flash but did not compress it. The end was then capped off with hot-melt glue.

The 3/8" payload lifter was a star performer as usual. My friend didn't believe it was BP based. In fact RP uses the Aluminium in the composition as a phlegmatizer to allow it to function in the core-burning mode.

The nozzleless BP rockets had widely varying performances. The moist night air probably effected them more than anything else. Their fuses had serious issues with the dew (as did several other device's fuses). Video #2 is a nice safety lesson, sodium lights and hold-firing fuses are a dangerous mix, but it wasn't actually as close as it appears. The offering of my torch flame to a fuseless rocket isn't advised either.

Only one of the whistle rockets worked "well". It was an 8 mm ID unit with a 1.5 ID length core. I didn't put a core in the 12.5 mm ID unit fearing a CATO, but clearly this propellant is not as hot as all the warnings suggest, longer cores should fix this problem. The 5 mm ID rocket with a (short) core nearly took out a tub of BP lift about 20 metres away!


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Traditional Bottle Rocket video/x-msvideo 440.062 kbytes
Nozzleless Bottle Rocket #1 video/x-msvideo 270.062 kbytes
Nozzleless Bottle Rocket #2 video/x-msvideo 3.025 Mbytes
Nozzleless Bottle Rockets #3 video/x-msvideo 877.270 kbytes
Nozzleless Bottle Rockets #4 video/x-msvideo 958.102 kbytes
Nozzleless Bottle Rockets #5 video/x-msvideo 1.180 Mbytes
Payload Lifter Rocket video/x-msvideo 720.642 kbytes
5 mm Whistle No Core video/x-msvideo 643.572 kbytes
5 mm Whistle With Core video/x-msvideo 560.428 kbytes
8 mm Whistle No Core video/x-msvideo 884.050 kbytes
8 mm Whistle With Core video/x-msvideo 575.194 kbytes
12.5 mm Whistle No Core video/x-msvideo 1.914 Mbytes
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