Balcony Shoot #39 - Core-Burning Rocket with Report

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Date: 2004-02-07


A standard RP payload launcher rocket fitted with a 100 mg 7/3 Flash report.

A short length of soda straw was sealed with hot-melt glue at one end, about 100 mg of 7/3 Flash was tipped in and the other end closed with more hot-melt glue through which passed a short piece of primed chinese fuse.

A small quantity of -40 mesh KP was used to implement the passfire from the motor to the report. The report was held in place with a blunt paper shroud taped in place with masking tape.


Worked great.

Achieved a good height before the report blew with a bright white flash of light and a deep boom. Much better than previous BP reports, but the video does not follow the rocket fast enough to see the actual break.

Normally I would have just placed some flash in the top of the motor casing, above the bulkhead, but the standard motor construction leaves insufficient space.

Using one of my payload launchers to take a 100 mg flash payload up 50 metres is a complete waste. If I do report 'bottle rockets' again I think I'll design an expedient method for construction of a device just sufficient for the task, like commercial bottle rockets.


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