Balcony Shoot #37 - Core-Burning Rocket with 25 mm Canister Shell

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Date: 2004-01-01


A standard RP payload launcher rocket fitted with a 25 mm canister shell.

The canister shell was filled with my experimental meal primed KP/Zinc stars. The break was -20+40 mesh granulated priming waste I've had laying around for some time now. It came from the production of a batch of KP Blue stars, while mostly meal it contained some percentage of the star composition.

The shell was not structured internally, just stars and break mixed together. The passfire was simply a hole in the bottom disk. A little break was placed in the top of the motor casing to facilitate the passfire.

The spiking twine was fairly heavy gauge. I was concerned the break would be weak due to the break charge used (I had no batch of pulverone prepared). The twine is assumed to be a 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend. Originally I purchased it for match making as it was labelled as pure cotton, but it is definately not, as I discovered much to my disgust the first time I tested a piece of match made with it!


Worked great!

The rocket only lifted the dense Zinc containing payload about 20-30 metres, and the break was a little weak, but it looked OK for the simplicity of the shell construction.

The break was a very deep boom, quite suprising actually in its intensity and tone.

Unfortunately the roofing nearby blocked a bit of the view of the break in the video, the stars looked much greener this time. Perhaps the camera's colour balance was better.


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