Balcony Shoot #36 - Core-Burning Rocket with Payload

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Date: 2003-12-11


One of my standard 9.5 mm ID, 50 mm long, core-burning RP propellant, payload launching motors.

Payload shell of A4, 80 gsm paper, several turns pasted with PVA glue. Top end crimped closed before paste dried.

Once dry a few of the experimental KP/Zinc stars from the previous stargun test and a break charge of granulated priming waste (BP meal contaminated with Zn star composition) was tipped into the shell and shook together. The shell casing who's ID was slightly larger than the OD of the motor was slipped over the end of the motor and held in place with some hot-melt glue.

Once the glue was frozen a stabilizer stick and blackmatch fuse was added, as usual using meal-NC paste priming and hot-melt to attach the stick.


Blown Blind?

The KP/Zinc stars were unprimed, the priming waste being left over from priming a new batch of these KP/Zinc experimental stars. It appears the stars were either shattered or blown blind (there was only four 8 mm cylinderical stars in the shell).

The break was suprisingly loud, the BP waste contaminated with Zn star pieces was granulated to -40 mesh and burnt very violently in a loose pile. You can see some in the pre-test picture behind the assembled rocket. Perhaps its violence just shattered the stars into dust. In previous tests there appeared to be no problems with them being blown blind. The next batch is primed so this is unlikely to be a future problem anyway.


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