Balcony Shoot #34 - Core-Burning Rocket with KP Purple Stars

Date: 2003-12-09


My standard 9.5 mm ID, 50 mm long, RP propellant rocket motor fitted with a small shell filled with some KP Purple organic fueled stars and some -20+40 mesh pulverone.

The header can was rolled from A4 80gsm paper pasted with PVA on a suitable former. The end was crimed over and pasted well, then the can was dried and filled with the stars and break. A small amount of paste was applied to the end of the rocket motor and then it was slipped into the open end of the shell tube. Some PVA pasted cotton string was used to bind canister to the rocket tube tightly.

The motor was fused with blackmatch and meal-NC paste priming as usual. The bamboo stick stabilizer was also very conventional.


Didn't work well at all.

The rocket motor was fine, but the flight path was a little erratic, the moderate winds causing some significant weather cocking.

The break was loud but only one star lit, probably insufficient priming or too hard of a break. I'll try the general payload design again with easier to light stars and revise the priming for this star composition.

The orange sparks seen near the end of the video are blackmatch core fragments blowing around in the wind near the launch point.


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