Beach Shoot #11 - Titanium Stinger with Payload

Date: 2003-11-10


19 mm ID stinger, 64 mm long, charged with 14 g of meal with 10% spherical Titanium. A delay charge 15 mm thick of D1 Glitter composition.

Wax treated cat litter bulkhead and nozzle. Bulkhead was centre drilled for the passfire, just into the D1 Glitter. This was mainly for balance, but it was likely not neccessary and improved timing may be achieved with an off-centre passfire.

A cone was crudely fasioned from PVA pasted chipboard, sourced from a frozen meal package. Only 6 Chrysanthemum #6 pumped stars could be fit in the space provided by this cap. About 2 teaspoons of -20+40 mesh pulverone was placed in the cone with the stars as a break charge.

Two dobs of hot-melt tacked the cone in place on the top of the stinger casing. Once solidified a bead of hot-melt was run around the overlap of the cone with the stinger casing, forming a largely gas-tight seal to strengthen the break.

The spin-vent was treated with waterglass, and fused with Zinc effects blackmatch as usual glued in place with meal-NC paste.


Great stuff!

Nice crackling titanium effect on the take off, a short coast on the glitter and a small break of C6 stars.

The stars and break almost pitiful after the enormous tail effect. The poor stinger can't carry much more, but a stronger break and a brighter garnish might be a more balanced performance. The Titanium tail is blinding, charcoal head effects are tame in comparison.

Perhaps I'll develop Aluminium or Titanium streamer stars and use charcoal tail effects. That sounds like it would be a better overall effect.


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