Propellant - Hybrid Whistle


Name: Hybrid Whistle
Source: Steve La Duke


percent parts component
67.26% 76 Potassium Perchlorate
20.35% 23 Sodium Salicylate
8.85% 10 Charcoal (airfloat)
2.65% 3 Petroleum Jelly
0.88% 1 Iron Oxide (red)

Required Mass


Prepared exactly as with Salicylate Whistle except the Charcoal is screened/milled in with the Salicylate and Iron Oxide.


This propellant is specifically designed for Steve La Duke's Universal Spindle rocket geometry. Essentially it is a core-burner with a shorter and somewhat fatter core (about 4-5 IDs and 6/10 ID respectively). It is nozzled with clay and then charged first with increments of this propellant, then topped off with 6:3:1 BP.

The number of increments of Hybrid before switching to a BP variants controls the power of the rocket. Steve says the rocket will explode if more than 7 increments of Hybrid as used, your mileage may vary.