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13th September 2010 10:15

Jack wrote ...

Hello there. That wonderful website that's in the links as "don't know who's site this is" has moved to It used to be on geocities until they closed down.

4th July 2009 10:31

Alan Yates wrote...


You need to use Graphite or some other suitable material for the anode. Stainless steel will not work for the anode (but it is fine for the cathode).

A 500 mA supply will take quite a long time to generate significant amounts of product. Also, at only 4 volts you'll probably have trouble loading up the supply anyway.



4th July 2009 07:33

William wrote ...

Hey,thanks for posting,this is a very good resource for making sodium chlorate.I was wondering why my sodium chlorate did not work.I found out why,I did not run it long enough.My cell is a jumbo plastic coffee can with 2 stainless steel rods for the electrodes.It can hold a good deal of solution.My power supply is an old 4v 550ma wall wart.

27th June 2009 12:47

frank wrote ...

hay Alen I've been looking for power supply unit for my cell but cant get around which one will be more suitable so i thought i ask someone who

has one here's a couple of links the ones i been looking at

12th July 2008 16:00

Alan Yates wrote...


Yep that sounds like a simple method that doesn't need Silver Nitrate which can be a bit expensive and difficult to find.

You'll also find the cell conductivity drops and the electrodes start to erode. If you have a constant-current supply the voltage will rise as the Chloride is exhausted or with constant-voltage the current will drop.



12th July 2008 07:03

avi wrote ...

hi dear alan, my name is avi and in "usefull tips" categury in potassium chlorate/perchlorate making subject in your website you tell the readers to use kcl to get clean kclo3 instead runing nacl cell and use reaction with kcl to form potassium chlorate, i thinked on a methode which could solve the problem of knowing the chloride concentration in your chlorate cell(which you advice silver nitrate), i think that each day when you guess thet all the chloride which left on buttom whas disolved, you can simply take few drops of electrolyte from the cell filter them from graphite and try to disolve 1 little tiny crystal of kcl to check if its disolve, and if this little crystal disolve you can be sure that your product on cell buttom is pure kclo3 which need to be filtered by hot filtering and restored.

please email me back and tell me what you think about my methode :), and thanks you about your amazing usufull idea of putting solids on cell buttom, its makes my life much more simple.

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