Making Chlorates and Perchlorates

In the past I've purchased small quantities of technical Potassium Perchlorate and shipped it here at great expense. American pyros, at least for now, have it pretty easy, they can easily get Potassium Chlorate and Perchlorate shipped to their door for only a few dollars.

What's an Australian experimentalist to do? Make it of course!

Fortunately the industrial methods are well documented, and many amateurs have successfully produced their own chlorate and perchlorate at home.

Wouter Visser's site is amongst one of the best out there. I am not sure who's site this is but it is excellent too. Consider them required reading before you even try anything.

I've written a simple calculator to help you play with the numbers when designing your own cells.



2005-03-05: Platinum Anode
A run with a Platinum anode.
2005-02-18: Thermal Decomposition of Calcium Hypochlorite
Or how to almost gas yourself for less than a tablespoon of KClO3.
2005-02-13: My First Try
My first attempt at making Potassium Chlorate electrolytically.


2007-12-22: Various Pictures
Some images from my many cell runs and experiments with purification of pyrotechnic oxidisers.
2006-02-12: Alan's Tips
Hard-won experience with the processes of making Chlorate and Perchlorate on a small "kitchen windowsill" scale.


2005-03-20: First Try at Perchlorates
My first attempt at making Potassium Perchlorate.