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3rd December 2010 00:16

Rich Arland wrote ...

Thank you, Alan, for giving me some insight into the world of loop fabrication. I've been gathering information on loops for a week or so and there is so much out there that it is nice to see someone that has built two that work. I like your gimbal ideas....I will be using a quilting hoop (from JoAnn Fabrics) and will gimbal it like your loop as opposed to spllitting it at the top and removing a section of the wood that would otherwise help support the entire structure.

Again, thanks. AND my R-1000 says "thanks", too!

vy 73

Rich K7SZ

15th February 2010 16:08

Greg, k3ang wrote ...

"A clean shack is a sign of a sick mind."

22nd September 2008 07:12

gord wrote ...

I think you posted the wrong pic. That's no mess at all :)

11th July 2008 12:55

Alan Yates wrote...

Thanks mate. :)

There is indeed a bit of disorder required in creating things, but I try to control it now days so I have the room to work in!

10th July 2008 23:51

James Ryan N2IKO wrote ...

Always remember a; "A tidy mind is never creative."

de n2iko >

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