ATtiny2313 Programming Adapter

Using a solderless breadboard and some wires to interface my existing programmer to the ATtiny2313 got annoying pretty quickly, so I built this trivial adapter to support both tiny13 and tiny2313 devices at the same time.

A ATtiny2313 chip in the Adapter

I just happened to have a 20 pin ZIF socket in the junkbox, so that formed the heart of the adapter. An 8-pin IC socket and some header pins formed the plug-in part that interfaces with the old programmer socket, and some wiring and decoupling caps completed the unit. Doughnut board and 125 um magnet wire was used for the assembly.

Backside of the Programming Adapter

The clock source and power supply are the only major differences between the pinouts of the tiny13 and tiny2313, the Vcc, MISO, MOSI, and SCLK lines are both at the top right of the chip, the /RESET is also at the top left. Only the XTAL1/CLKI and GND pins need duplication. I lucked out that the ZIF socket also happens to have an 8-pin region at the top so labelling is not needed.

Detail of the 8-pin/20-pin ZIF Socket

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