ATtiny13 Programmer

I quickly threw together this programmer today to help build a PSK31 beacon. I've been programming ATtiny13V chips for a while using my old parallel port breakout and a bunch of leads to a solderless breadboard. I decided to make a stand-alone device out of it once and for all.

Atmel ATtiny Programmer

The circuit is your classic "bsd" programmer of avrdude fame. I added a LM309 regulator and a jumper as a power switch. There are no protection resistors, but there is a 100 nF rail filtering cap across the chip under the board. Power is supplied by a 9 volt battery.

Back Side of the Programmer

I love magnet wire and matrix/doughnut board for quickie digital projects! It is almost as easy as wire-wrap, in fact I was tempted to wire-wrap it, but I didn't have 8 pin sockets in stock, and I still would have had to solder to the D25 socket, so soldered magnet wire it was...



2009-02-14: ATtiny2313 Programming Adapter
An adapter for my ATtiny13 programmer so it can program ATtiny2313 devices.
2008-05-03: ATtiny13 Programmer Gets a Clock Source
I add a simple xtal clock source to the programmer.