Beach Shoot #9 - Titanium Hummer

Date: 2003-11-04


My skylighter order included a pound of -30+100 spherical titanium, so I just had to give it a try.

A small 10 g batch of 10% Ti 90% meal was prepared and about a teaspoon gently rammed into the 12.5 mm ID, 25 mm long thick walled hummer case. The vent hole was 1.8 mm in diameter, very carefully drilled at low speed, Ti is rather reactive/sparking stuff, even spherical.

The device was fused with thin blackmatch and meal-NC paste in the usual manner.


Nice effect.

A great shower of bright Titanium effect, visible even in the direct sodium-light of the pool's night-time illumination system.

The sound effect peaked at 495 Hz, or a bit less than 30 kRPM. The frequency domain trace is actually quite interesting, shaped rather like the classic thunder-bolt, a collision with the ground must have washed off some RPMs, but it bounced and accelerated again. A similar effect can be seen near the peak.

I'll have to lift a few of these things on a rocket one evening, but they make a nice ground effect by themselves.

The meal/Ti mix burns with a shower of white sparks and a soft crackle, a nice effect. I am curious if this crackling effect could be kept if used in a lower pressure application, like a falls torch.


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