Balcony Shoot #25 - Hummer

Date: 2003-11-04


My big skylighter order arrived today, so I just had to try out some of the new cases. This was a quick hummer made from the 12.5 mm ID, 25 mm long hummer/bee tubes.

The propellant was RP, end plugs of wax treated clay. No attempt to fire-proof the 1.8 mm nozzle hole was made. Fused with thin blackmatch glued in place with meal-NC paste.


Worked a treat.

This one maxed out around 500 Hz, or 30 kRPM. A little better than I expected. The extra mass and its configuration has significantly larger rotational inertia than the smaller devices I've been building in the past.

I went back inside and made a case-extender jig so I could more easily ram the things. Then, determined to try my other size tubes and stinger kit, made a trip to the local hardware store for a mitre box + saw kit ($16 AUD not bad I thought!), 9 mm dowel and some 3x1 lumber to make new tooling.


title type size
Test Video video/x-msvideo 1.690 Mbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 41.007 kbytes
Spectrogram image/gif 134.391 kbytes