Balcony Shoot #24 - Winokur #24 Glitter Test

Date: 2003-11-03


Test of a star from a small batch of Winokur #24 glitter composition:

52 Potassium Nitrate

21 Sulfur

10 Charcoal (airfloat)

6 Aluminium (-325 mesh, flake)

6 Sodium Chloride

5 Dextrin

I used -200 mesh charcoal and spherical Aluminium, ball milled for about 30 minutes, moistened and pumped (or cut - I did only a few pumped, the rest cut).

The resulting stars were tumbled in meal as prime then the cut stars were oven-dried at 120 C for 15 minutes, the pumped ones air-dried. I only did the rush drying so I could make a shell header for a rocket, the pumped stars were specifically for stargun tests. Rather cart before the horse, but it turned out OK...


Worked well.

Could probably have done with a little longer ball milling. The glitter didn't last all that long, and it wasn't that dense, but it was a beautiful rich goldern colour.

The video rarely does glitter justice, this is no exception.


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