Balcony Shoot #24 - Half-Saxon

Date: 2003-11-03


Simple half-saxon to get rid of a scrap of 5 mm ID tube that has been knocking around the shop for a while. The OD was close to 18 mm, so it had fantastically thick walls, no conical end plug was needed. Nozzle bore was 1.8 mm.

It was charged with rocket propellant by ramming. The hot-end sealed with wax treated cat litter, the cold-end with wadding and hot-melt glue.

A scrap of the thick cardboard I use for my canister disks was used as a pivot, with a wine bottle cork as a counter balance.

Driver was fused with a stick of thin blackmatch glued in place with meal-NC paste. I slightly fire-proofed the nozzle hole with a treatment of waterglass solution, which was allowed to dry before the match was inserted.


Worked great.

Fairly short, but bright and chearful performance.

Fire proofing seemed to work, but probably wasn't all that neccessary with the thick walls of the tube.

It is curious how the RP composition can provide such a varied performance depending on the device it is used in.


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