Beach Shoot #6 - Hummer #1

Date: 2003-10-27


Made with some new tooling, a 5 mm high 8 mm OD nipple. The case is 37 mm long, 8 mm ID, 20 mm OD.

Propellant of straight meal, 1.8 mm vent hole, fused with blackmatch and meal-NC to glue it in. Very simple device.


Worked Fantastic!

Screamed as it spun, throwing out a little charcoal effect, but not much (as expected).

Unfortunately due to an editing stuff-up the video was overwritten by an edited verion of the ground spinner video! Much bad language ensued, and I went out to the lab and built another, but fate had other plans, just as I fused the new hummer the skys opened up and it hasn't stopped raining since!


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Pre-Test Picture image/jpeg 40.067 kbytes
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