Beach Shoot #6 - Ground Spinner

Date: 2003-10-27


8 mm ID, 12 mm OD, pasted A4 80 gsm paper, 70 mm long, an off-cut of core-burning rocket tube. Hot-melt glue and paper wadding end seals, a paddle-pop stick glued across to stop it tipping over and a small dob of hot-melt as a pivot point.

My standard Aluminium modified rocket propellant meal, fused with thin blackmatch and some meal-NC paste to hold it in.


Worked great!

Spun up quite fast, nice shower of Aluminium sparks and charcoal effect.

Case was totally roasted, but didn't breach, most of the charing was post-burn as it cooled off. The hot-melt glue attaching the stick was softened and the alignment of the tube and stick changed, this didn't seem to make much difference, but I think I'll wire it on in the future.

The stick got a little chared by the plume as it shifted alignment during the burn. It took several seconds to spin down after burn out.

The hole had widened quite a lot, but it didn't seem to effect the performance much. When I made this I didn't have my conical rammer tooling, in future I'll use a clay end plug/nozzle to prevent this.


title type size
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