Park Shoot #3 - Experimental Meal Rocket

Date: 2003-08-25


Photocopier 80 gsm paper case, 7 layers taped, no glue. 5 mm ID, 60 mm length. 2 mm diameter cavity, depth 20 mm. 40 mm grain length. Cat litter nozzle 5 mm thick. Bulkhead of paper wadding, end crimped over, no hot melt glue.

Standard meal blackpowder propellant.

Conventional bamboo kebab stick for a stabiliser. It was painted red to aid recovery, and labelled as usual with the ID code for this shoot batch (#2).

Masses were:

Case: 1.16 g

+Nozzle: 1.31 g

+Propellant: 2.97 g

+Stick: 3.78 g

+Fuse: 3.86 g

First fused with loose meal prime and a meal-IO paper fuse. It did not ignite. Was later refused after cleaning out the cavity with a new meal-NC tissue paper fuse.


Spectacular CATO!

Case totally shredded for 25-30 mm down one side, stick detached, bulkhead wadding blown out. Bits and pieces scattered for several metres. Nozzle was not recovered.

I believe the case was simply too flimsy to contain the normal operating pressures. Although I may have damaged the grain while refusing after the initial fuse failure.


title type size
Rocket CATO video/x-msvideo 618.028 kbytes
Pre-Launch Photo image/jpeg 15.915 kbytes
Post-Mortem Picture image/jpeg 26.932 kbytes