Balcony Shoot #20 - Chrysanthemum #6 Half-Saxon

Date: 2003-10-24


Simple half-saxon made with my newly made tapered nozzle forming rammer tools. 8 mm ID, 15 mm OD, 50 mm long pasted A4 80 GSM overwrap of some relatively thin cardboard from a "pizza pocket" box, also well pasted with PVA.

Nozzle of conical depression in rammed wax-treated cat litter, drilled into with a 2.5 mm drill. Other end was also sealed with waxed kitty litter.

Driver composition was Chrysanthemum #6 meal pressed well into tube. Driver was fused with a piece of thin blackmatch, glued in with some meal-NC paste.

Pivot formed with some thick chipboard stock, no counter balance at all. Driver was hot-melt glued to pivot plate.


Worked Great!

Probably my best wheel in terms of burn-time and bang for the buck. It spun very fast, put on a pretty good show, and did so for a good length of time for such a small quantity of driver composition.

The nozzle tooling did the trick, 10 minutes with the drill and some sand paper has solved all the hole enlargement problems. The hole didn't enlarge one bit, fantastic.


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